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I write about adventure and environmental issues. 

I reported from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, and during a four month sojourn in South America in the wake of the 2002 financial collapse in Argentina.

I covered the contentious Marine Life Protection Act, which set new conservation rules for the California Coast.

I've profiled IMAX pioneer Greg MacGillivray, VR innovator DJ Roller, and dam removal proponent Matt Stoecker.

I was Online Editor for One World One Ocean, winner of Best Ocean Initiative of 2012 by Tree Hugger, a Webby for News and Politics Story, and Best Digital Campaign at the 2012 Blue Ocean Film Festival, the Oscars of the ocean world.

I won this photojournalism award in 2010, and while I no longer shoot for a living, I still love the feeling of taking a good photo.

I co-founded Dealerslink, a software company that reduces transportation waste in the automotive industry. I sold web-based software to people who began the conversation with, "I don't trust the internet." Dealerslink is now the largest dealer trading platform in the nation.

I like being outside and facing challenges. In pursuit of stories I've attended heli-ski guide school in -20F conditions in Alaska, and jetski rescue training at night in a storm that closed Morro Bay Harbor. I love climbing mountains and I've surfed my whole life. And yes I've gone over the falls on a set wave at Pipeline.


treckas (at) gmail (dot) com 

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